Ram Tirath Fair

Ram Tirath Fair is regarded as an important religious event of Amritsar. The fair is held at a place called Ram Tirath which is situated at a distance of 11 km from Amritsar. A pilgrimage of Punjab, the site at which the Ram Tirath Fair is organized a tank is situated. The myth surrounding the fair says that this tank was dug by the ardent follower of Lord Rama – Hanuman. As per the historic past of Ram Tirath, the place was once used by Devi Sita who was the wife of Lord Rama. During her exile Sita spent her days in a hut in Ram Tirath and gave birth to Lav and Kush in this place only. Also, one of the greatest epics of Hindu Shashtra – Ramayana – is said to have been written by Rishi Valmiki in Ram Tirath. During the five days of the Ram Tirath Fair which takes place after two weeks of Diwali, the women of Amritsar make lamps of flour, fill with mustard oil or ghee and float these in the water of the tank while signing holy songs. This custom is known by the name of Tullu floating in Amritsar. Also, in the wee hours of the fair people come to Ram Tirath to take bath in the holy waters of the tank. After the bath the devotees take a round of the tank while reciting slokas.

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