Guru purab is a major festival of Punjab which is followed in two different times of the year. The first one is observed in the month of November whereas the second one is organized in the January month. The first Guru purab celebrated across the length and breadth of Punjab, is followed by the people of Amritsar too. In November, two days are decided upon to celebrate the festival of Guru purab in which the holy sermons of Guru Nanak are remembered in Amritsar. During these two days, Japji Sahib and Granth Sahib, the sacred religious scriptures of Sikhism are read by without any gap. Also, the Sikh devotees visit the various Gurudwaras of Amritsar to pay respect to the Sikh Gurus. The procession of the Sikh followers with the Granth Sahib is an common sight during the festival of Guru purab. The gurudwaras also offer prasad on the pious event of Guru purab in Amritsar.

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